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Tom Watson and Alex Reid put on one of the most exciting fights in UK MMA history. For five rounds, the pair showed guts and determination beyond the call of duty as they slugged it out. This was more than a fight; it was an event. The crowd went nuts from beginning to end, feeding off the action to produce a truly special atmosphere. Tom deservedly took a unanimous decision, but the big winner was his opponent. Alex Reid had been written off by many (including the hurtbusiness) as a man whose best days were behind him. Alex showed true warrior spirit, never taking a backward step. After being booed on the way in, the crowd gave him a huge ovation after the fight. He made a lot of new fans and changed the minds of those of us who had lost faith.

A killjoy could point out a number of technical flaws in both fighters, but that would be petty. Reid v Watson was the best possible advert for UK MMA. Both of them will be forever associated with this fight and they should be proud. It was an honour to be there. 

John Phillips will be gunning for a shot at the Middleweight title after his TKO win over James Zikic. The Welshman marched forward, unloading bombs from the start. The relentless pressure was too much and the ref waved it off after a minute and a half of the opening round.

Gunnar Nelson is the going to be a world superstar. Once he managed to get Eugene Fadiora to the canvas, the was an air of inevitablity about what followed. The finish came when Nelson caught Fadiora in a body triangle then applied a rear naked choke. Showing unbelievable resilience, Eugene managed to struggle to his feet with the Icelander on his back- but the game was up. The tap gave Nelson his second first round sub win in a row over a top UK prospect. He’s going to be bigger than Bjork.

Simeon Thoresen finished Marco Santi with a rear naked choke after four minutes spent mainly in a standing clinch.

AJ Wenn got back to winning ways with a tidy win over Tim Newman. Newman had the better of the first, testing Wenn’s chin with a hard left hand on the feet and working from side control on the deck. The tide turned in the second.  AJ followed Tim to the ground and snared him in a triangle choke.

Stuart Davies beat Scott Jansen by way of armbar in the first round.

Harvey Harra returned to action in a mini classic against David Round. The opening stanza was pure entertainment. Harra went close with a couple of submission attempts but was Round freed himself each time by slamming his man down on the canvas. The exertions of the first had clearly taken their toll, as both men looked sluggish at the start of the second. The fight soon hit the mat and Harvey slapped on a guillotine that earned an instant tap.

Sam Elsdon went for glory, throwing a big overhand right. It missed and Charlie Leary replied with a fearsome uppercut – right on the button.  Elsdon went down, turtled up and the ref dived in to halt the ground and pound.

Shah Hussain rolled to escape the barrage of elbows. Tom Breese seized the opportunity and scored with a rear naked choke.

Robert Devanne caught Colin Lewis in a standing guillotine to take the opening bout of the night.

Ring Walk Tune of the Night

Forget the hoops and theatricals, it has to be: Simeon ‘The Grin’ Thoresen



Best Celebrity Crowd Member

Steve ‘Big Daddy’ Bunce

Best Pundit

Katie Price for her restrained pre-fight comments about both Tom and Alex being champions for stepping into the cage.

Fight of the Night

The main event was Fight of the Year material.

Man of the Night

He took the disparaging comments in the run up to the fight, fashioned them into a solid phallus, lifted his skirt, strapped it on, bent us critics over and mercilessly rammed the point home for 25 thrilling minutes.

The Reidernator is back baby.


Written by hurtbusiness

September 26, 2010 at 2:54 pm

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