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OMMAC 11 Live

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Coverage as it happens- live from the Olympia in Liverpool.

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1. LW: vYGANTAS bAZATIS vs. Michael Grundy


Two debutants. In the blue corner, Michael Grundy; the best British wrestler ever to enter the cage backed up by UFC stars Paul Sass and Terry Etim and Kaobon godfather Colin Heron. In the red corner- some Lithuanian bloke. Grundy shot, took his man down and immediately assumed side control. After a few meaty whacks, his opponent was slapping the mat for dear life. Michael Grundy wins by tap due to strikes. This could be the start of a big career and hugely significant down the road but tonight, it was a bit of a non event.

2. LW: Nathan Thompson vs. Jamie Lee


Lee deserved his unanimous decision victory. On the feet his put in the tidier work and he and took charge on the ground: calmly picking his shots from top position.

3. BW: Mike Persil vs. Colin Rigby 

indy         KAOBON

Mike Persil’s all singing and dancing ring walk to the Theme from S Express entertained the crowd, but after that it was all down hill for the dude in the red corner. Colin Rigby was simply too young, too sharp and too good for him. After a comfortable work out, Rigby ‘s knees and punches sent Persil reeling. Rigby by way of TKO, 2:14 round 1.


4. BW: Ally McCrae vs. Pietro Menga


Menga launches the kick from hell, but he slips. As his right leg gives way, the left crashes into the Scot’s face. Menga scrambles to his feet in panic and looks amazed to see McRae on the deck. He dives down to finish the job but it’s all over already. The most thrilling 19 second fight you’ll see this month.

5. MW: Laivis Urbis vs. Scott Askam


The Lithuanian flattered to deceive with a couple of solid leg kicks but crumbled when the Donny lad let the clubbing punches go. Gone in 24 seconds.

6. LHW: Aurijius Kerpe vs. Rob Lloyd 


Aurijius Kerpe edged out debutant Rob Lloyd to take a majority decision at the end of an entertaining battle. In the first, the Lithaunian dropped Lloyd and opened up a cut with his trademark short right hook. Lloyd planted his man on the deck in the second and finally secured a rear naked choke. The clock beat him and Kerpe was on his way out when he was saved by the bell. The third saw both men dropping their hands through tiredness and catching each other with hard single shots that they didn’t have the energy to follow up. The vastly experienced Kerpe’s more effective work was enough to get the nod from the judges.

8. LHW: Mark Cummings vs. TONY MORAN

Indy WOLFSLAIR 7-3-0

Former boxer Moran took Cummings down at will during their brief contest. The end came when he took his back and applied a Rear Naked Choke. Although the hooks weren’t in, Cummings gave up the tap immediately.

7. BW: Mark Connor vs. Mike Wooten 


Mike Wooten scored a unanimous decision win over Dinky Ninja Mark Connor. Connor wanted no part of the Scouse mop top on hte feet and repeatedly attempted to take the fight to the ground. On the canvas, the Scot managed to control his man early on but inflicted little damage. When Wooten was on top- the mash was cold and lumpy. The longer the fight went, the more convincing Wooten looked. Connor remained competitive and put up a game performance, but there could only be one result.

9. 73KG: Danny Welsh vs. Lawrence Fitzpatrick

KAOBON 2-0-0

The Kaobon Smashing Machine Fitzpatrick made short work of hisopponent. A quick takedown followed by a controlled pasting forced the ref to call it off at 1:54 of the first.

10. HW Ben Whitehead vs. Adam Parkes


Adam Parkes systematically took Ben Whitehead apart on his way to a first round TKO win. His punches and kicks were snappier and carried more meat. Short eldows in the clinch opened a cut and takedown followed by a barrage of well chosen elbows and punches on the ground brought proceedings to a close.


OMMAC 11 Live


OMMAC liveblog is sponsored by

For further info, extract and vids- go to


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