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Wayne Murrie v Shaun Lomas

The main event went the way you’d expect a contest between a good Thai boxer and a good all rounder, but Lomas made Murrie work hard for his submission victory.

Rounds one and two followed the same script; a quick exchange of kicks and punches followed by a Murrie Takedown. Although he gave up his back in both frames, Lomas never looked in serious trouble and bridged himself out of any choke attempts.

It was the same old story in the third, only with a happy ending for Murrie as he finally scored with an armbar.

A useful workout for Wayne Murrie as he attempts to climb back up the rankings. As for Shaun Lomas, this was reminder of how good he could be.

Jack Grant v Josh Collins 

A ferocious encounter with the lads going at it like dogs fighting over a bone. Most of the fight played out on the ground- with Asylum Vale Tudo product Collins working to pass guard while Grant threw up armbar and triangle attempts from his back.

After three gripping rounds, it went to the judges. For me, Collins dictated the shape of the fight with his takedowns, achieved more on the mat and landed plenty of clean shots. The cards that matter delivered a majoity draw. Negotiations for a rematch started before the pair left the cage. Selling tickets for it should not be a problem.

A trio of catalogue models find the decision amusing

A night of quick finishes with plenty of exciting new talent on show. Special mentions to ‘Angry’ Gaz Firm for a display of unbridled brutality, the muscular Mo Abdul Mowa, and the neatly executed Triangle finishes from Rick May and Qas Shafiq.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Qas Shafiq finishes his fight in style


Wayne Murrie def Shaun Lomas R3 Submission (Armbar)

Josh Collins v Jack Grant Majority Draw

Qas Shafiq def Tautvdas Lileikis R1 Submission (Triangle)

Mo Abdul Mowa def Dean Wilson R1 TKO

Jamie Foulding def Mike Persil R1 Submission

Rick May def Josh Dilcock R2 Submission (Triangle)

Gaz Firm def Shakeeb Ali -Corner Stoppage end of R1

David Brookstow def Jason Sudbury R1 Standing Guillotine

Steve Creswell def Peter Green  R2 TKO (K1 bout)

Jamie Foulding def Kevin ? R1 Submission (Strikes)

Brendan Sutcliffe def Jordan Deux R1 Submission (Guillotine)


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